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Environmental Oil Services, Inc.  (EOSI)

Environmental Oil Services, Inc. (EOSI)

A company of ideas for a better tomorrow. Protecting through innovation and ingenuity.

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Company Overview

EOSI, Inc. was incorporated founded in 2013 as an Oklahoma State Corporation. EOSI is a Plastic Recycling in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The company moved to Youngstown, Ohio in March of 2014. There EOSI continued its Recycling Plastic with a proprietary processing system for oil and gas field pit liners.

In 2017 EOSI field of interest was extended to manufacturing of custom concrete blocks and bricks, thus EOSI needs to raise capital in the amount of $3 million. The preliminary activities regarding the custom concrete blocks manufacturing project have been completed and now it is time to raise capital funds.

EOSI is seeking a total investment of $3.0 million. Investors may invest from $5,000 and up. EOSI is offering investors a profit sharing of 15% of net revenues (Gross Revenue - Cost of goods Sold)! By EOSI cash flow estimates that means on an investors ROI is estimated be 8% in year 1; 10% in year 2 and 14% in year 3 and over 15% thereafter up a total 4 times an investor initial investment amount. EOSI expects immediate profitability in year 1 of production. No long waits for return.

EOSI needs $2.2 million in capital for top of line, turn key processing equipment and $800,000 in working capital. The lead time for the equipment is 6 months with 1 month to 2 months for installation. The equipment is being provided by Columbia Machine, Inc. in Vancouver, Washington.

Give us a further look and see how you can become part of the EOSI team. It is both fun and profitable.


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