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Adaptive Analytics for All

Company Overview

As Google is for internet search, and Splunk is for operational data search – Drastin offers relational search for enterprise data.

In a business environment where data sources are going through an explosion, and it is a challenge to get accurate reports and insights in a timely manner, Drastin solves that problem by allowing users to get 100% accurate reports and analytics, instantly with the convenience of a search box. In other words, Drastin is the "google for enterprise analytics and reporting” with its adaptive analytics.

Drastin is one of the few enterprise technology products that provides significant ROI from day one. We aim to democratize the BI landscape with our philosophy of Adaptive Analytics for All. Drastin is a Business Management solution with search based analytics across data sources and cloud services. Drastin's focus is to address the Halo effect of rise in Software Applications with a simple search and help users overcome the semantics associated with SaaS Apps. Drastin provides a smarter search experience, with simple search bar for relational search across enterprise data.

There is an exponential rise in software applications in an enterprise, say by almost 10x times and rapid adoption of SaaS apps in enterprises. Every enterprise has at least 4-5 SaaS services and associated Semantics and terminology that analysts don’t understand. But the business users are still dependent on analysts. Drastin tries to solve this problem by offering Business-ready Analytics for SaaS apps with convenience of a simple search bar. With Drastin, users in the business functions of customer excellence, finance, sales and HR no longer have to wait on an analyst to help answer questions for everyday business decisions. At the same time it frees up IT and analytics teams to develop more data and algorithms as they no longer have to learn the Semantics associated with SaaS apps.


  • Drastin - Founded

    October, 2014
  • Core Product & Prototype in place

    April, 2015
  • Launched Website and Blog

    August, 2015
  • Signed our first customer in a subscription model

    June, 2015
  • Business Ready Analytics for Salesforce

    October, 2015
  • Business Ready Analytics for Servicenow

    December, 2015
  • Invite-only launch of the product by Jan-end.

    January, 2016


$8B Wealth Management Company
$8B Wealth Management Company
Client Representative
"Non-contextual data, static reports, heavy dependency on tech teams…BI solutions currently available in the market just couldn’t address our data issues. And then we had the Drastin experience. Drastin gives our business executives the power to search in a natural language, obtain on-demand analytics, and identify business insights... in minutes! We are glad to have signed up with Drastin! "