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Vibrint Health and Wellness

Vibrint Health and Wellness

Dr Zogg's Amazing CBD - The worlds most advanced topical CBD. Tested, Awarded, and Trusted.

Company Overview

Vibrint Health Overview

•Vibrint Health, LLC is a partnership formed in 2019 by Mitch Pelavin •Over the course of 10 years, Magnesium Direct has successfully launched a dozen topical products, shipped nearly 1,000,000 pieces of product to 100,000’s of customers worldwide. •Vibrint Health leverages the wealth of knowledge Mr. Pelavin has accumulated, including products successfully tested within clinical trials at The Mayo Clinic, and Product of the Year awards by Women’s Choice Awards.

Corporate Mission

•As a spinoff of Magnesium Direct, Vibrint Health continues to manufacture the most unique and advanced topical products available on the market that treat degenerative muscular diseases, painful ailments, migraines, dermalogical disorders, general aches, pains, and discomfort. •It is Vibrint Health’s intent to build a top 5 topical CBD brand that is recognized as Tested, Proven, and Trusted. Our cornerstone brand is Dr. Zogg’s Amazing CBD, followed by SeniorCBD, which is a highly focused brand targeted directly towards today's exploding generation of baby boomers.

Product Advantages

•Our unique delivery system, which includes an aqueous based trans-dermal delivery methodology, as fabricated by Magnesium Direct, sets Vibrint Health and its products in its own category with little to no competition in the CBD topical space. •The NIH and the NCBI have released numerous reports supporting our findings that particle size and the delivery vehicle of those particles greatly effects the skins ability to absorb components such as CBD, instead of acting as a barrier to it.Our products abide by the decades of research that support these thesis’s. •Our unique aqueous delivery system of CBD allows us to enter into extremely hot markets traditional CBD topicals have been shut out of, including high end beauty products such as toners, serums, and primers, which are extremely high margin, and priced as a premium.

First 90 Day's - Results

•In 90 short days, Dr. Zogg’s Amazing CBD has been picked up by Atlanta retailers across 10 verticals: Pharmacies, chiropractors, massage therapists, day spas, beauty salons, CBD dispensaries, vape shops, cryotherapies, tanning salons, and athletic centers. •SeniorCBD has been picked up by the nation's largest catalogers, seen by millions of Americans every month. •Regarding our next generation beauty products, initial feedback from over 50 ladies ranging in age from 18 to 70, as reported on facebook, Instagram, email, and in person has been tremendous. “Softer, smoother skin” “less fine lines and wrinkles”, “the best primer I have ever used”, “my acne is gone” have all been unsolicited responses to using our products on their faces, morning and evening.


•Our management team has extensive experience across 15 startup ventures. •Our wholly unique raw materials allow us to deliver a product with no peers, albeit amongst strong competition, while investigating lateral markets such as beauty, with even less peers and competition. •Our second challenge is the funding of the formulation of our beauty products.


2,000 Users

Pitch Deck


  • Awarded preferred vendor status, Academy of Independent Pharmacy » Georgia Pharmacy Association

    January, 2020
  • First Starcrest Catalogs Purchase Order - SeniorCBD

    December, 2019


Kevin Loftis
Kevin Loftis
General Manager, Vapers Emporium
"Dr. Zogg's is the best selling product in my Emporium. We love it, and the Vibrint Health team."
Kelly Stewart
Kelly Stewart
General Manager, Windward Lake Club
"Our tennis pro's and members alike love the product. Our juniors use Zogg's during training and competitions. "