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Digital Ads R Us

Digital Ads R Us

Prividing Affordable Advertising to the Small Business Owner

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Company Overview

Why We Started This Company

In mid-2010 my partner, Ralph Robinson was standing in line at one of our local utility company offices and was looking at one of their television monitors displaying information about energy conservation. He wondered why they don't have advertising of this nature for small businesses. We got together and researched the market and found that most small businesses can't afford to advertise and yet they have the same needs as any business to get the word out. At that point DARU was born.

What Sets Us Apart

We feel that DARU can provide a service that is badly needed by small businesses and that is the need for affordable advertising. With the technology that we are able to incorporate at DARU it allows us to not only post our ads quicker than any other advertising medium on the market but we can also make many adjustments, such as changing ad locations very quickly. The rest of the advertising services are not able quickly adjust to the needs of their clientele.

Our Keys To Success

The keys to our success are: * the DARU website used for sales and marketing * contracting with our partners to install our systems throughout the Las Vegas Valley. * having a well trained sales staff that is able to recommend advertising alternatives to our clients based on their needs and the demographic information they have on our DLPs. * Keeping up with our technology * Offering innovative advertising options to our clients that are not usually available to the small business owner

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Greg Glover

Greg Glover

Managing Member / Chief Information Officer

Greg is a former Chief Information Officer with Raytheon Services Nevada and is experienced in the design and management of all Information Resource Management components including, hardware, software, data communications, security and organizational resources. Greg has a background in the Information Engineering (IE) methodology with experience in the design and automation of work-flow processes and advisory experience with top-echelon corporate and client management. Greg has managed an information systems department staff of sixty, including professional specialist in computer science, telecommunications, and management information systems. The Las Vegas Digital Arts Training Center (LVDATC ) provided certified training courses in many of the most widely used 2D and 3D multimedia software systems available at that time. The training provided at the LVDATC gave individuals the skills and techniques required for positions in broadcast television, film, Web design, game development, animation, video production and more. As one of the Managing Members of LVDATC, Greg was responsible for establishing the class curriculum, class scheduling, locating instructors, and interfacing with hardware and software companies that LVDATC provided training for. As one of the Managing Members of G2 Consulting LLC, Greg became an expert in information systems management for multiple clients and employers. As an owner and manager of G2 Consulting LLC, Greg directed the IT management for the Las Vegas corporate offices of a hotel/casino developer for a project in Macau, China. Greg was responsible for linking the Las Vegas, Macau, and Hong Kong offices of this developer and providing remote access services for the employees. Greg has also directed the IT management for the Las Vegas corporate offices and the construction site office of a Las Vegas hotel/casino developer. Greg was responsible for networking the sites via a point-to-point network and providing remote access services for the developers employees. Greg has been responsible for completing comprehensive infrastructure upgrades (e.g., systems, software, firewall/VPN, intrusion detection, authentication, and remote management) for various midsized and small companies. Greg was formerly the Department Chairman over both the Information Systems and the Computer Business Administration Departments of Kaplan College in Las Vegas, NV.
Ralph Robinson

Ralph Robinson

Managing Member / Display Location Partner Director