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Chaser Unlimited LLC

Chaser Unlimited LLC

Your Private Place in Public Transportation

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Elevator Pitch

We are selling private space in public transportation that is not available from any other bus builder in the world.

Company Overview

The design of the Chaser was started as a means to solve multiple problems in public transportation. First and most important is "Private Space". The Chaser is the only bus system ever proposed to provide large individually accessible traveling compartments that give access to public transportation but enables the Traveler to privately embark and disembark travel without disturbing or being disturbed by fellow Travelers.

Chaser Unlimited was formed to enable manufacturing and sales of a modular, re-configurable surface transportation vehicle that can serve municipal and commercial needs while reducing cost of ownership using easily replaceable component subsystems. The subsystems include passenger compartments, energy, drive systems, and primary load-rated truss frames.

The design criteria for the Chaser puts focus on both cost of ownership and cost of purchase and delivery. By removing the center aisle so familiar in public buses, the vehicle can be reduced in width enabling the Chaser to increase the width of the seating areas. Privacy and bigger seats is a bold win over typical public transportation.

The Chaser is the only public transit system designed specifically to fit inside of a standard ISO inter-modal shipping container which reduces cost of shipping and enables full secured transit of your Chaser Bus Fleet to any location via ship, train and truck. The Chaser will also easily be delivered by cargo plane.

The Chaser super-structure enables the easy reconfiguration or replacement of individual passenger compartments, ADA complaint chair ramps and other utility compartments such as EMT, Fire Rescue, palletized cargo handling and agricultural harvesting will be available.

The operations of the Chaser as a public transit system enables the traveler to quickly identify if there is a seat available by bright green and red indicator lights on the front of the bus corresponding with read and green light indicators at each door long the sides of the Chaser. Once a Traveler has hailed the driver, the Chaser will immediately stop and allow the Pedestrian to approach any of the doors with a green light, render payment of a 'door-charge' and then gain access. We believe this method will greatly enhance the efficiency of public transportation saving time and reducing risk for Travelers and Operators alike. When the driver is insulated from the transaction for public transit services, it reduces risk for the operator. The Pedestrian must render payment before the system is accessed. This security measure means that no doors are opened and the Operator and Travelers are not exposed to bad behavior from would-be criminals.

The fair box is personalize at each door as a part of each pedestrian module. Fees may be collected in coin, token, ticket or digital. Once a Pedestrian opens the door the time-based fee system will engage.

The Chaser all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering system enables the operator to easily turn tight corners in dense urban areas and will tilt into corners to reduce lateral g-force on the people enjoying the ride creating the most stable, comfortable and effective city bus design ever proposed.

Practical, efficient, effective public transportation giving the Traveler a quiet, peaceful and enjoyable ride in the privacy only made possible by the Chaser.

The global bus market is presently more than 620,000 units a year and growing! Lets bring this new revolution in public transportation to the world!


  • First Concept Art / Illustrations Ordered

    January, 2016
  • First Spread Sheet Cost / Performance / ROI Models Generated

    February, 2016
  • Updated Illustrations posted on parent company website announcing 'Private Space in Public Transportation'

    October, 2016
  • Initial website Launched!

    September, 2017
  • Chaser Unlimited, LLC Registered with the State of Michigan

    September, 2017
  • EIN Number Issued

    October, 2017
  • Twitter Site Launched! @ChaserBus

    November, 2017
  • Crowdfunder Campaign Launched!

    December, 2017
  • First Press Release announcing CrowdFunder Campaign

    December, 2017
  • Interview on SuperbCrew:

    December, 2017

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Chaser a better bus?

By removing the center aisle and setting a row of eight doors down each side, we have reduced the overall width of the bus giving the Chaser the shortest turning radius of any city bus with the same capacity enabling the Chaser to easily navigate dense urban environments where traditional city buses will never fit. The use of individual doors and cabins will greatly reduced stop time for load/unload and reduced security disruptions and create private space on public transportation for the masses. The Chaser has the advantage over other traditional bus platforms in many ways including modular upgradeable and hot-swapable power module to ensure the investment of the customer is maximized and flexible to serve customers needs globally adaptable to changing energy markets. The Chaser being designed to maximize the inside space of a standard 40' ISO Shipping Container gives the customer advantage over all competitors in reduced shipping cost, insurance and deliver times.

Why does the Chaser have so many doors?

By removing the center aisle of a traditional city bus and dedicating that space to pedestrian comfort, the Chaser offers larger more comfortable seats available inside individual private cabins. These modular cabins may be easily 'hot-swapped' for maintenance and cleaning with near minimal impact on operations.

Will the Chaser link to other ride-share systems?

A resounding a excited yes! We plan to make the Chaser a standard feature for popular ride-share and reservation services. The Primary Focus for this launch is to go into production and sell Chaser products to the global market yet we plan to build/own/operate fleets for customers as an option. While we will do everything possible to link with popular ride-share systems the final decisions will rest with the owner/operators city by city.

Does the Chaser have good ties in the automotive production market?

Yes. The Chaser enjoys access to the global network of contacts associated with the leadership team of the Interstate Traveler Company of Michigan. The Interstate Traveler Company was founded in 2002 to commercialize elevated rail systems building a global network of relationships with nearly 400 Members while amassing a giant network of automotive and aerospace production contacts. The Chaser is the first Interstate Traveler spin-off company to enable bus rapid transit services independent of the Hydrogen Super Highway program. You may learn more about the parent company here:

Why does the Chaser have doors on both sides?

The Chaser is designed to provide immediate solutions for the Urban Mobility Professional that is planning bus rapid transit solutions for their community. By having a center driving console and doors equally on both sides the Chaser can serve any solution in any country without any changes in manufacturing. Another wonderful value of doors on both sides is a perfect fit for the vast and sometimes predominant use of one-way roads in dense urban and city environments.

Will the Chaser provided wireless data and charging for electronics?

Yes. The Chaser will have standard features that include free wifi for Travelers and the option to charge portable electronics.

What about media screens and advertising and payment methods?

Every Chaser door is personalized with individual point of purchase touch screens and e-payment scanners for key-less/touch-less entry. Inside each Chaser compartment the Pedestrian may enjoy full large-screen multimedia access. Dedicated advertisement space as well as scrolling banner media enable each Pedestrian access to pre-paid advertising as well as personalized digital services.

What about 360° multimedia virtual data overlay?

Yes, we at Chaser Unlimited want the customer to be able to maximize the digital experience. Most of the modern world now carries smartphones and smart-watches and soon enhanced eye-wear will be as common. However it can be very difficult to really share an experience with friends via one individualized device, so we plan to offer a virtual image projection upgrade for each passenger compartment so we can have a 360 degree view with virtual data overlay giving contextual information on objects of interest such as landmarks, buildings, shopping centers, etc, as the Chaser moves about a city.