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Making bitcoin easy to buy at your local retail store. 50,000 store launch this fall.

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Company Overview


Making Bitcoin easy to purchase through traditional retail distribution

Over 89% of US consumers have heard of bitcoin, yet only 11% have bought bitcoin. Why? Because bitcoin is not easy to buy! The most common way to buy bitcoin is through online exchanges. Exchanges involve a lengthy sign up process and wiring funds from a bank account. Something most people will not do. For bitcoin to have main stream adoption, it must be easy to purchase and through a method that is familiar to consumers.

Distribution - US Gift Card sales reach $160 billion in 2018

Gift cards have become one of the most familiar and easy ways to gift and buy products in stores and online. Over 93% of every US Consumer with be given or will buy a gift card this year! Imagine if you could buy a Bitcoin Gift Card at your local grocery store, convenience store, gas station, drug store, major retailer, or online?

Management was developed by a team of experts with decades of experience in each field of retail, prepaid cards, software/blockchain development and complimented by experts in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Law. (DLT Law Group, P.A.) It is this combination of experience that has allowed the wherewithal to create, grow, and execute its business model and generate solid traction in a short period of time.

03dc092a2dbdc59affb86bdd8b434ce3.jpg has created a proprietary redemption platform combined with bitcoin purchasing. We have partnered and integrated with a leading gift card processor and distributor “Savvy,” which gives™ access to the major gift card Distributors in the European and US markets.

As of January of 2019, the Bitcoin Gift Cards have been available on our first two (2) U.S. retail online stores. With organic growth, sales have doubled month over month, to over $100,000 in sales. This fall, we are beginning the roll out to an additional 50,000 retail locations, already under contract. plans to create a friendly ecosystem for new bitcoin holders. An environment where new bitcoin holders can learn about their bitcoin purchase, how to trade bitcoin, and how to spend bitcoin. Videos and tutorials will be provided to help explain digital currency so the average consumer can understand it in simple terms.



  •™ signs exclusive distribution contract to launch in 50,000 retail stores in Southern Europe and Italy

    April, 2019
  • Crypto Invest Summit (LA) -™ gives live presentation on the Bitcoin Gift Card process and infrastructure.

    April, 2019
  •™ attends Flourish conference in Chicago and gives presentation on “New Use Cases for Blockchain within Branded Currencies"

    April, 2019
  •™ attends “CoinAgenda Caribbean 2019” to meet with Cryptocurrency experts and International Banking

    March, 2019
  •™ begins marketing arrangement with Neocurrency to market the Bitcoin Gift Card to the B2B network

    January, 2019
  •™ Launches its Bitcoin redemption website with live sales from both and Gift Card Granny

    January, 2019
  •™ registers as a Money Service Business with FinCen and initiates compliance program

    December, 2018
  •™ signs agreement for to market the Bitcoin Gift Card on its web site.

    November, 2018
  •™ signs agreement for Gift Card Granny to market the Bitcoin Gift Card on its web site.

    November, 2018
  • The Bitcoin Gift Card is introduced to the market at the Retail Gift Card Associations annual conference in Nashville TN

    October, 2018
  •™ completes integration with International Gift Card processor - Savvy Connects

    September, 2018
  • IMA Summit - meets with industry leaders representing 90% of the US gift card market to form best structure for development

    July, 2018
  •™ begins development of the proprietary bitcoin redemption platform

    June, 2018