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Blue Storm Media Inc

Blue Storm Media Inc

Mending the social divide by getting people talking again

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Elevator Pitch

Vibe allows you to meet new, likeminded people who are within eyeshot of you, without risk of rejection or embarrassment, by using foldable smartphones or our unique hardware pin.

Company Overview

Blue Storm Media Inc was set up in 2016 as a product development company specifically to explore the idea of using personal displays to stimulate discussion between people. Gareth Llewelyn, founder and CEO, felt that people were becoming more and more glued to their phones and becoming antisocial at an alarming rate.

One of his previous projects had included a provision for displaying charitable logos and 'real-time giving' status on a digital badge and this seemed like a good place to start. Over the next 3 years many prototypes were created and shown to Silicon Valley technology companies who helped define and refine the hardware, the App and the problem that was at the heart of this 'not speaking'. Our product is now called Vibe ( Visual interactive behavioural emblem) and is ready for release. However in the time that we developed Vibe hardware, foldable phones became a reality and quickly saw that our App could be used as a killer application for foldable phones.

It became clear that the technology we had developed had many uses and we needed to define the one that would 'ignite the fire' and make the Vibe take off. We decided to attack the area most people find difficult to overcome, that of embarassement and rejection in a dating environment.

We developed a way to meet people who have likeminded interests, that are nearby and within eyeshot, without the need to go up to them to make an awkward introduction. In short we are eliminating the embarassment and fear of rejection in a dating scene. The Vibe technology has many uses in the payment, computer gaming, event, concert and workplace sectors but to create a beachhead we believe the dating market is where to launch first.

During the development of the Vibe many new and interesting technologies and ideas had to be developed and specifically new visual language for the personal displays. We worked with one of the best known patent attourneys, Dennis Fernandez to protect this new and emerging market and ecosystem with 3 wide ranging patents. We now find that these patents are extremely valuable for the emerging foldable phone market, as they ring fence the application for using the second screen to message other in the nearby vicinity.

BSM Inc is now ready to launch the Vibe App with Foldable phone manufacturers and the Vibe Pin into the beachhead in San Francisco. We are now searching for funds to develop the product and the market further.


  • Vibe was trialled at 6 bars and restaurants in grant Avenue, SF with 12 people with exceptional results

    November, 2018
  • On 14th October the Vibe was used for the first time in club in Chelsea, London with over 40 people. Results were very good

    October, 2018

Press Mentions

Previous Funding

  • $200,000 Equity
  • Raise Source: Self
  • January 2017
  • $100,000 Equity
  • Raise Source: Investors
  • January 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Vibe™ and Tinder, Happn and Grindr difference between Vibe™ and Tinder, Happn and Grindr

Vibe uses Bluetooth rather than GPS to locate the other users within the close proximity and uses the Vibe display pin to display statuses so users can identify and also show other information. It is also a much broader software platform that can be used for many other applications.

Why can’t I do all this on an iOS or Android phone without a Vibe™?

Other users cannot identify you as a user quickly, losing spontaneity and are unable to see when you have been Vibed

Will people actually wear/carry/use this tech as described?actually wear/carry/use this tech as described?

From our research ‚Yes‘ as long as its cool! Vibe™ is a platform, and we are very confident that we have barely scratched the surface of what it can be used for. As for specific applications, the nature of the platform is that we wish to support thousands of ideas knowing a few will flourish.

Will the 3 patents ring fence this application for foldable smartphones

When the patents were filed they we written in such a way as to encompass an ecosystem that had yet to be created. Since their conception foldable phones have emerged for one application ie to make the screen bigger but the killer application has not yet emerged. Our patents will ensure that any nearby signalling using the second screen will need to licence our technology.

Risks & Disclosures

Please find below the SWOT analysis


•Experienced team in New markets •Strong brand name •Working hardware •Strategic investors


•Undefined Hardware design •Lack of team members


•An unfilled customer need •Socio-cultural change •Commercial Vibe store


•Technology company entrance (IP blocking) •Geographic anomalies on take up