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Development of Holiday apartments and leisure facilities at the island of Usedom / Baltic See in Germany.

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Elevator Pitch

Development of Holiday apartment and leisure facilities at the island of Usedom / Baltic See in Germany. Koelpinsee is a district of the municipality Loddin on the island of Usedom in Germany.


Cash Flow Positive
$29,745,515 Sales

Company Overview


Background & Situation:

With the continuing trend since 2012, more and more holidaymakers travel the coasts of Germany all year round with unbroken enthusiasm.


Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is a longing goal for the Germans. When the German holiday home association asked its member companies about the top bookings in Germany, the Baltic Sea coast there came first. With more than six and more than five million overnight stays per year, the islands of Ruegen and Usedom are among the most popular holiday regions.

Loddin-Koelpinsee: Beach -,Regional nature –, Experiences -, Beaches -, Bathing areas & outdoor pools -, Paradise for bathing mermaids and pirates.

Koelpinsee is a district of the municipality Loddin on the island of Usedom.


Koelpinsee is located on the sea-facing side of the municipality of Loddin, between the Baltic Sea coast and federal road B111.

The fine sandy white bathing beach in Koelpinsee is about two and a half kilometers long, up to 30 meters wide and slopes slightly towards the Baltic Sea.

In the north-east there is the neighboring municipality of Koserow, in the south-west is the Loddin district of Stubbenfelde.

The lake of the same name is located in Koelpinsee with a water surface of about 28 hectares.


Baltic Sea - More and more young people are discovering the Baltic Sea for themselves. (Photo: dpa) "For the Germans," Meck-Pomm "is a longing goal: When the German Vacation Home Association asked its member companies about the top bookings in Germany, the Baltic Sea coast there took first place.

With more than six and more than five million overnight stays per year, the islands of Rügen and Usedom are among the most popular holiday regions. If holiday properties on these islands were cheaper after reunification than on the west German Baltic Sea beaches, this has long since changed.

Ruegen ranks with square meter prices from 5,500 to 12,000 euros in the price list for high-quality properties in very good locations in front of Timmendorfer Strand, which was drawn up by Engel & Voelkers, and Usedom is hardly behind with 5,000 to 8,500 Euros.


The investment project for the “Hubertuspark” holiday home complex in Koelpinsee:

The project developers:

The company “Rother Hoch- und Tiefbau” is a project company of the managing partner Uwe Rother. The company has been carrying out project and site developments as well as site management jointly or in other participations for over 20 years and have renovated or rebuilt a number of residential complexes on island of Usedom. The focus is on the development of sophisticated residential properties with a high-quality standard.

Due to the increasing demand from customers for holiday properties, we have therefore decided to invest in the “Hubertuspark Koelpinsee”. After extensive search and examination of locations, the right plot of land is to be acquired in 2020.

When realizing the project, it is important to us to work with local partners from the island region. This collaboration has already started.

In cooperation with a notary and the responsible offices, we have created all the building law and land register requirements for all contractual preparations.

This guarantees every buyer a smooth process according to the Broker and Property Developer Ordinance (MaBV) when buying his property.

The Rother company is responsible for the planning concept and the coordination of proper and timely execution.

The "BR Usedom Real Eastate, LLC" stands as a company for the purchase, development and marketing of land, residential and holiday properties, according to German building law, with environmentally friendly and socially responsible, compatible concepts.





A special goal for us is the targeted support of the vacationers during their stay in their free time.

We put special emphasis on entertainment, from sporting, handicraft to artistic activities, especially out of season.

Examples: Pottery, fish leather processing, various painting techniques, show smoking, (hot and cold), barbecues (barbecue), line dance courses and events of all kinds.

Another focus of care for the holiday guests is to offer a shuttle with e-mobiles to be able to drive to the beach, or rides along the bicycle path running parallel to the beach, either to Peenemuende (birthplace of space travel baron Wernher von Braun ) via the promenades of the seaside resorts Zinnowitz, Karlshagen, Trassenheide) or to the east via the imperial baths Bansin, Heringsdorf Ahlbeck, to the Polish part of the island, to Swinoujscie.


During these excursions, geological, historical, ecological and political contexts, in particular our island, the island of Usedom, are conveyed more historically than any other in Germany, from their creation to the present day.


We are looking for investors to support us in this project.

Small investors are also welcome.

We offer very good returns and hedges. Germany is the most democratic, reliable, economically and legally stable developed country in Europe.

Due to the sophisticated political and economic system, both partners, investor and executor, are secured in such a way that in the event of a crash, the investor will definitely get his deposits back, as the value of real estate on the island of Usedom is guaranteed.


  • Start in August 2020 with the fund raising.

    August, 2020
  • Raise the first goal of $6,000,000 US dollars.

    September, 2020
  • In the holiday home resort “Hubertus” 4 multi-family holiday homes are being built. Start with: House 1: 19 Units = 1,521.00 m² living space

    September, 2020
  • In the holiday home resort “Hubertus” 4 multi-family holiday homes are being built. House 2: 9 units = 747.00 m² living space.

    September, 2020
  • Raise the full amount of $20,000,000 US dollars.

    November, 2020
  • In the holiday home resort “Hubertus” 4 multi-family holiday homes are being built. House 3 and 4 (connected by TG): 18 units = 1,369.00 m²

    November, 2020
  • In the holiday home resort “Hubertus” 4 multi-family holiday homes are being built. House 5: 19 units = 1,521.00 m² living space

    March, 2020
  • In the holiday home resort “Hubertus” 4 multi-family holiday homes are being built. House 6 to 10: 19 units = 1,740 sqm living space.

    May, 2020

Pitch Deck

Press Mentions

Key Customers & Partners

Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Maik Just --Bauen und Umwelt- Mr. Michael Hommel & Mr. Bernd Lechner c/o H Mr. Thomas Hofmann - Sales and Marketing Offi Anwaltskanzlei Raenke Frau Rechtsanwältin In


Dittmar Roeben
Dittmar Roeben
"We can recommend the company BR USEDOM REAL ESTATE, LLC and Ms. Beate Rother without hesitation and hope for a good further cooperation."

Previous Funding

  • $204,885 Equity
  • Raise Source: Self
  • March 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to invest in BR USEDOM REAL ESTATE, LLC?

The Member units are being offered at a per-Member unit price equal to $1,000.00 US Dollar (the “Offering Price”). The minimum subscription is 5 (Five) Member units ($1,000.00 US Dollar minimum subscription) = $5,000.00 US Dollar, subject to ‘BR’s right to accept subscriptions in lesser amounts in its sole discretion.

When will I receive my first dividend?

After the 12 months lock-up period during which no withdrawals will be completed by any investor, BR will use its best efforts to honor requests for a return of capital subject to, among other things, the Company's then available cash flow, financial condition, and approval by the Management. The maximum aggregate amount of capital that the Company will return to the investors each calendar year is limited to 7.0% dividends of the net income of the Company as of December 31 of the prior year.

Is there risk associated with this investment or is my investment guaranteed?

As with all investments, there is a level of risk to be weighed against the potential return to consider when purchasing member units of any kind. BR is a start-up with zero revenue and limited operating experience. Investment in BR is a high-risk investment, but the invested funds can be secured in the land register of each property.

Risks & Disclosures


What are some of the risks involved in investing?

Dear Investor:

Please be sure to carefully review the Risk Disclosures. The following section is excerpted from that lengthier document.

Some of the key risks to know before you invest in startups:

Crowdfunding investments are highly risky and speculative. You should do your own research and scrutinize all disclosed risk factors before making an investment decision. The following are some of the key risks applicable to Republic offerings:

Speculative: Investments in startups and early-stage ventures are speculative and these enterprises often fail. Unlike an investment in a mature business where there is a track record of revenue and income, the success of a startup or early-stage venture often relies on the development of a new product or

service that may or may not find a market. You should be prepared to lose your entire investment.

Illiquidity: Your ability to resell your investment in the first year will be restricted with narrow exceptions. You may need to hold your investment for an indefinite period of time. Unlike investing in companies listed on a stock exchange where you can quickly and easily trade securities, you may have to locate an interested private buyer when you do seek to resell your crowdfunded investment.

No voting rights: A Crowdfunding Investment does not provide voting rights to its holder, unless and until the Crowdfunding Investment or the note is converted into an equity stake. If and when you receive voting shares in a company, your voting rights will likely be diluted when the company raises additional funds.

Cancellation restrictions: Once you make an investment in a crowdfunding offering, you can cancel the investment at any time and for any reason up to 48 hours before the offering deadline.

Valuation and capitalization: Unlike listed companies that are valued publicly through market-driven stock prices, the valuation of private companies, especially startups, is difficult. You risk overpaying for the equity stake you receive. The class of equity being sold via a crowdfunding offering may have fewer rights than other equity classes issued by a company.

Limited disclosure: The company must disclose information about itself, its business plan, the offering, and its anticipated use of proceeds, among other things. An early-stage company may be able to provide only limited information about its business plan and operations because it does not have fully developed operations or a long history to provide more disclosure. The company is also only obligated to file information regarding its business annually, including financial statements.

Under certain circumstances the company may cease to publish annual reports and holders of the Crowd SAFE will have no information rights.

Investment in personnel: An early-stage investment is also an investment in the founding entrepreneur(s) and/or management of the company. Being able to execute on the business plan is often an important factor determining whether the business will be viable and successful. You should also be aware that a portion of your investment may fund the compensation of the company’s employees, including its management. You should carefully review any disclosure regarding the company’s use of proceeds.

Possibility of fraud: As with other investments, there is no guarantee that crowdfunding investments will be immune from fraud.

Lack of professional guidance: Many successful companies partially attribute their early success to the guidance of professional early-stage investors (e.g. angel investors and venture capital firms). These investors often negotiate for seats on the company’s board of directors and play an important role through their resources, contacts and experience in assisting early-stage companies in executing on their business plans. An early-stage company primarily financed through crowdfunding may not have the benefit of such professional investors.