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Atlas Wearables

Atlas Wearables

The future of wearables and digital fitness.

Company Overview



Motion sensor technology has reached critical mass yet nobody is harnessing the full potential of the raw data being generated. Atlas Motion Engine™ gives context to this neglected motion data to enable powerful experiences. Our products provide hands-free workout guidance and automated progress logging to enable high-value contextual experiences.

We build devices and software to help anyone take control of their workout routine.

We build true activity trackers.

The Atlas Wristband automatically logs every rep in your workout and finds the best routine to reach your goals. If your form is improving, you'll know right away. You can monitor your progress share it with your coach, and subscribe to workouts from your trainer.

If you do 10 pushups, run a mile in 7 min, take a 30 second break and then do 3 sets of 12 squats, the Atlas Wristband "Freestyle Mode" will automatically record all that for you. It's an extension of your own personal trainer – the Atlas Wristband helps you keep track of what you do and how well you do it.

Atlas Wristband also Learns your form and new exercises. Teach Atlas your whole workout routine and track your progress as you reach your goals.


2 Issued Patents
$1,500,000 Sales


  • Raised $638,028 from backers on Indiegogo

    March, 2014
  • We were issued 2 key patents on our Atlas technology

    January, 2015
  • Launched Atlas Engine App

    May, 2015
  • Launched Atlas Wristband 2, best in class exercise tracking device

    May, 2016
  • We have an integrated end-to-end supply chain infrastructure

    June, 2016
  • High traction and usage within target niche

    June, 2016


Martin Ott
Martin Ott
Managing Director, Hydra Ventures
"“Atlas Wearables has built a product with proven technology that will define the future of fitness wearables and activity trackers.”"
Fast Company
Fast Company
"“This fitness tracker puts everything else to shame.""
ARS Technica
ARS Technica
"“Intensely accurate rep and set counting for a number of popular exercises.”"
"“it's the one tracker that really is going to make a difference when you're working out”"