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Adore Me Inc.

Adore Me Inc.

Interactive Restaurant Technology - The Future in Dining is Here!

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Company Overview

ADORE will showcase the Future in Dining, as we will open a Showroom and Sales Office to launch the sales of Interactive Restaurant Dining Tables in the US.

ADORE will be based in Detroit MI, in area located within the center of Downtown Detroit. Interactive Restaurant Dining Tables also referred to as IRT’s, are currently being used in high end restaurants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Asia, and parts of Europe. Detroit would be one of the first in the US to debut this Integrated Restaurant Technology.

This location will feature an Interactive Restaurant Technology Showroom with Sales and Marketing Offices. This Showroom will display fully active Tech Tables and available for tours, mini tradeshows, B2B Sales and Marketing.

NOTE: ADORE has obtained Exclusive Distribution Rights to the Interactive Dining Tables in 13 key States in the U.S. including Michigan.

The Showroom will include the IRT’s sales kit of 3 live working tables along with all of the necessary equipment that would be used in a working restaurant for vendor interaction, along with training and demonstrations. Video screens and conference production capabilities for business meetings. Currently, there are no direct competitors offering this type of innovative restaurant technology anywhere in the US.

This Business Plan starts with the opening of the Sales and Marketing Showroom for the IRT’s to generate and build on the sales capital needed to launch ADORE – The Restaurant. The sales of these tables will allow us to finance and open the concept restaurant without requiring loans and investors which will provide the necessary funding to complete the full plan of operating as both Sale and Marketing of the IRT’s and a full service Interactive Technology Restaurant in the City of Detroit.

ADORE will later open the Restaurant that will also offer full service Catering and Events. The Social Experience will comprise of approximately 55 Interactive Restaurant Tables that seat 2 and 4 each throughout the space. We will also offer an outdoor seating area that will accommodate an additional 30 guests. It will Integrate lounge style clusters of couches and cocktail table seating for social meets, drinks and small plates that will fill the space with an atmosphere designed for engaging interactions.

The restaurant will include video screens and conference production capabilities for business meetings, small conferences and team type meetings. Currently, there are no direct competitors offering this type of innovative restaurant technology anywhere in the US.



  • ADORE ME Inc is Incorporated

    August, 2017
  • Adore Me Inc. signed an Exclusive Distribution Sales Agreement with Kodisoft

    August, 2017
  • Adore Me Inc. is approved for a $2.1m Startup Loan.

    August, 2017
  • Adore Me Inc. signs 10 year Lease Agreement for 13,000 Sq Ft 2 Story Building City Center Downtown Detroit MI.

    September, 2017
  • Adore submitted to Motor City Match - Grant Funding

    September, 2017
  • Private Investor $150k

    October, 2017