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Revolutionizing Business Lending

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Company Overview


4M&I is an Asset-Based Lender that has developed a Secure Business Lending Model that provides an Alternative Source of Financing for Businesses. 4M&I is making a difference and is overwhelmed with increased demand for its services. It has reached a level that warrants our pursuit for additional capital.

The Current Situation:

The restrictive banking environment is providing an opportunity for 4M&I and its partner, CAFI, to expand its market and to reach out to many more companies that need our financial support.

The bank’s lending criteria focuses primarily on financial statements and are not driven by company assets. Because of these challenges, companies such as 4M&I have become the Leading option to creditworthy bank customers.

Our Solution:

4M&I has built a relationship with CAFI, a seasoned lending partner, who has a 22 year history of lending money to businesses throughout the Southwest United States.

Through our Invoice-Based Line f Credit Program, we give businesses the ability to grow, hire more employees and pursue more work as our economy continues to grow a rapid pace.

Our Future:

Our future development plan is to expand our offerings to our customers – in terms of both types of funds and the entities we lend to. This will open us up to new customer segments with a variety of investment capabilities and needs. The second element is geographic expansion, which falls naturally in line with the expansion of our offerings. We will continue to grow westward from Dallas and attempt to gain market share throughout West Texas, while expanding in Arizona and other western U.S. states. We expect penetration in each new market to take place relatively quickly and with minimal interference.

In terms of prior achievements, 4M&I itself is a new concept and therefore does not have an extensive history of accomplishments. In teaming up with CAFI, though, we’re directly associated with an organization who has built up an impressive list of achievements and a great reputation. As our only client, the impact CAFI has on our own business makes the milestones they’ve achieved an important element of this opportunity.



26 Users
4 Employees
Cash Flow Positive

Pitch Deck


  • With the help of its Securities Attorney, 4M&I decided to look for Investors via Crowdfunding to meet the High Demand from businesses.

    May, 2017
  • 4M&I has been performing fundings since 2016 without any current investors.

    January, 2017
  • 4M&I is privately capitalized and begins funding businesses immediately.

    March, 2016


Shay and Brad Maples
Shay and Brad Maples
"Over the past two years, my husband and I have invested money with 4M&I. During that time our experience with both Terri and Edgar has been very pleasant and professional. They are always available to assist us with any questions or concerns we may have when needed. We feel we are in great hands with them handling our hard earned money and plan to invest more in the near future. "
Robert and Maria
Robert and Maria
"We’ve never had to worry about our investment with 4M&I. We love that we receive our Interest Checks on-time every Quarter."