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420 Capital Holding LLC

420 Capital Holding LLC

Combining the Stability of Property Investing with the high growth potential in Marijuna, that's 420 CAPITAL!

Company Overview

420 Capital Holding LLC (“420 Capital”) provides Property, Equipment Financing and Operations capital for Medical Marijuana (“MMJ”) operators who are cultivating or processing MMJ in the state of Michigan.

Our goal is to raise $3,000,000 in capital so that we can proceed to fund processors and cultivators currently in business to expand their productions. With the collaboration in place, we will then proceed to raise $50,000,000 over 2 years from Multi Million dollar institutions to acquire properties and specialised equipment to rapidly grow productions and expand our facilities into other MMJ legalised states.

Transforming Dope to Hope

Our Mission is to transform the image of Marijuana from an abused substance to one that saves lives. Through education we can enlighten the world that MMJ is more than just putting a joint and burning it. It can be an oil you drip under your tongue, a gummy you chew, a topical you apply to where your muscles sore. And by providing the Property, Equipment Financing, Operations Capital and WISDOM to existing processors we help bring this future closer to us.

A WIN WIN WIN Business Model

Our Triple WIN model, allows the innovators to win, by continuing their growth with injected capital. It then allows the Patience to WIN, having a more superior product available to expedite their recovery. And finally our Investors, having the opportunity to enter at a very much more comfortable investment amount then one such conglomerate would.

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1,000,000 Users
$540,000,000 Sales
Cash Flow Positive

Pitch Deck


  • Conceptualised Detroit Herbal Center to be a Medical Marijuana Dispensary

    June, 2018
  • Commencement of Operation of Detroit Herbal Center

    August, 2018
  • Contracted 3 properties for MMJ Class C Cultivation

    November, 2018
  • Average Monthly sales for DHC after 6 months - $500,000!

    February, 2019
  • Year to Year Sales of $5,000,000 achieved in the first year of operation as a Dispensary.

    August, 2019
  • Detroit Herbal Center received its Michigan State License for Dispensary.

    November, 2019
  • Launch 420 Capital Holding to raise funds to commence cultivation business in 2 years instead of 10 years.

    January, 2020