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19 Labs

19 Labs

GALE: Making Healthcare Accessible. Anyplace. Anytime. Affordable. Smart.

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Company Overview

We come from Apple, NASA and Qualcomm. We are here to make healthcare accessible. Anyplace. Anytime. Affordable. Smart.

We build GALE: Clinic-In-A-Box: A complete solution for remote healthcare that brings together the A.I., the diagnostic sensors, telehealth, and communication.

We build and integrate technology, human expertise, and supplies to deliver a smart, integrated, empowering healthcare experience--when and where it's needed the most.

We are a B2B business, providing our managed solution to care providers who take it to market to their existing patients, leveraging their existing medical staff.

The patients get better, faster, and smarter care with their existing doctors. The care providers lower their costs, increase efficiency, and lower transport costs. And we get monthly fee.

We are a simple SaaS business of monthly service revenues making money by building a solid company in lucrative space while helping people around the globe to get better healthcare.

Come join our journey to get smart healthcare to the people and places who need it the most.

--Ram, Jerry, Scott and the team

Where is remote healthcare heading?


Through Technology, power a nurse from good to great!


Introducing: Clinic-In-a-Box

The World's first Smart, Integrated, Portable Health Center


The value proposition

The Business Model

Initial Customer lined up and trials starting in December. Details including revenues, market are under the confidential section. Click on "Interested" to gain access.

Pitch Deck


  • First Customer Trials Commence

    December, 2016
  • AT&T partnership announced with their CEO Ralph de la Vega

    June, 2016
  • Customer demonstrations commencing with multiple opportunities in the US, Canada and Mexico rural areas.

    September, 2016
  • Selected as CTIA eTech Innovation award finalist

    September, 2016
  • American Well strategic partnership in place, enabling customers to leverage best TeleHealth video experience

    August, 2016
  • Five Provisional patents filed

    May, 2016


Ralf de la Vega
Ralf de la Vega
AT&T CEO & Vice Chairman,
"This is the future of healthcare "

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