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1026 Beverage Company - SomeWine

1026 Beverage Company - SomeWine

SomeWine is based on the Someecards brand that is shared 1B times/year by the wine industry's biggest customers, millennials and their moms.

Napa, California, US

wine, alcoholic beverages, millennials, digital marketing, strategic business, someecards, consumer package goods

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Company Overview

We established this company to thrive in the most disruptive time in alcohol beverages since Prohibition. Millennials are drinking more wine now than any other group, and still growing. Unlike any generation before, social media is the hub of millennials' wine world, disrupting long-held ways of branding, reaching, informing, and selling to wine consumers.

Because of that sea-change, much of the "tried and true" marketing of the last 30 years in the retail, restaurant, and winery businesses doesn't work; store traffic is down, brand turn-over is rising, traditional marketing strategies are delivering decreasing returns.

To address this, we stepped outside of the insular wine world to partner with the biggest and most loved brand in social media, Someecards, to create SomeWine.

We've captured Millennials' desire for unique and non-traditional wine brands with the authenticity and interconnection they crave. SomeWine is funny and endearing, but not a gimmick - a sweet spot missed quite often by wine companies.

The Someecards humor is authentic, relevant, and meaningful to people's lives. It is shared among friends and families daily and at special times... just like wine. SomeWine captures the humor of Someecards, and pairs it perfectly with highly affordable wines that over-deliver character and quality for the price.

Through a social media platform that delivers more than 500,000,000 ad impressions annually, we have an unparalleled ability to market directly to consumers with extreme targeting and very high relevance. The sort of consumer marketing that can deliver for retailers and restaurateurs looking for brands that stand out and sell quickly, while establishing loyalty that lasts.

And that is just at launch. With unconventional wines and packaging types exploding, SomeWine is a brand perfectly positioned to thrive in boxes, cans, and tetra packs, as well as traditional packaging. With scale, we can have the most dynamic labeling in the industry, with seasonal and holiday labels, as well as multiple labels per varietal in the market at once, allowing consumers to have wines that speak to whatever the situation they are buying for.

With the massive international footprint, and Spanish-speaking following of Someecards, SomeWine is also well positioned for growth in the fast-growing US Hispanic market, and some of the biggest export markets for US wines.

There is literally no other brand like SomeWine. And we've got the team to make all this potential a reality. Come create the future of wine with us.


$625,000 Sales

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Ship first SomeWine to distributor.

January, 2016

Food Network Magazine full-page feature

May, 2016

Named Beverage Industry Magazine Best New Product

March, 2017

Accepted for distribution in all ABC Fine Wine chain stores in Florida.

February, 2017

Introduced SomeWine Chardonnay 4-label packs into Meijer grocery chain.

May, 2017

First Nielsen store data shows SomeWine Chardonnay the #2 selling new Chardonnay (of 30 new Chardonnays) in Meijer chain.

July, 2017

Given three "Best Buy" and "Highly Recommended" awards in the World Value Wine Competition.

October, 2017


In the short-time I have been involved with Some Wine, the recurring theme I hear back from customers is “I bought this wine for the labels, but I had no idea the quality that was in the bottle!” 1026 Beverage and Some Wine really understand the changing dynamic is wine marketing, and I feel fortunate to sell such a fun, evolving wine to my customers.
Grant Springer Sales Manager, Blue Ridge Spirits and Wine
Grant Springer